Green Arrow Oliver Queen

Green Arrow Unleashes Weirdest Trick Arrow Ever on Wonder Woman

The Emerald Archer Green Arrow is famous for the wide variety of strange trick arrows he utilizes. Despite this, the arrow he used to end a recent fight with Wonder Woman is probably the weirdest one yet.

Birds of Prey #3 by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Jordie Bellaire revealed Oliver Queen’s role in the Birds’ raid on Themyscira. While Black Canary led her team in rescuing her adoptive sister from the Amazons, Green Arrow distracted Wonder Woman. It was a lot to ask, but there is nothing Oliver Queen wouldn’t do for his “Pretty Bird.” This includes facing an enraged Amazon in close combat.

Fortunately, Green Arrow’s already impressive quiver full of trick arrows was augmented by the warlock John Constantine. The infamous master of the dark arts had several tricks that theoretically could stop an Amazon. Unfortunately for Oliver Queen, the practice failed to live up to the theory.

Green Arrow turns Wonder Woman into butterflies

Green Arrow Fights Wonder Woman

The few shots Green Arrow could land did nothing but annoy Wonder Woman. Thankfully, the last arrow did the trick, transforming Wonder Woman into a swarm of butterflies. While she quickly pulled herself together, Green Arrow successfully bought the Birds of Prey some precious time.

While ending with an amusing sight gag, the battle between Green Arrow and Wonder Woman is also a testament to his skills. The fact that Green Arrow was able to hit even an unaware Princess Diana once is impressive, given his complete lack of superpowers. This suggests that, with the proper trick, Oliver Queen might be able to win a fight with Wonder Woman. On the other hand, a case could be made that simply surviving a fight with the Amazon Princess is a win.

Birds of Prey #3 is now available at comic shops everywhere