Marvel Announces Alien: Black, White & Blood Limited Series

Next year, Marvel Comics gives 20th Century StudiosAlien franchise the Black, White & Blood treatment.

Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 is a four-issue anthology series launching in February 2024. The first issue teams writers Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Ryan Cady, and Stephanie Phillips with artists Michael Dowling, Devmalya Pramanik, and Marcelo Ferreira.

“Previous BLACK, WHITE & RED installments have spotlighted deadly icons, from Wolverine to Darth Vader. Now, it’s time for the Xenomorphs to be unleashed in this epic format!” Marvel wrote in its official announcement. “Marvel Comics and 20th Century Studios present this kill-fest of an anthology in chest-rending artistic detail, brought to life in bold, black, white, red — and, when things get extra dangerous — GREEN!”

Check out Ryan Stegman‘s cover art for Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 below:

What to expect from Alien: Black, White & Blood #1

Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 marks the beginning of “Utopia,” a “generations-spanning saga that will be told across all four issues” of the limited series. This multi-issue story sees the Kelly/Lanzing hivemind join forces with Dowling. In it, a society “[s]oaring through space to find a perfect world” finds itself “[descending] into darkness as they’re shaped by their fear of the Xenomorphs!”

Meanwhile, “Maternal Instincts” unites Cady and Pramanik for a story about a small child who becomes the “sole survivor of a Xenomorph slaughter” on a deep space vessel. “[H]er only hope for salvation is the ship’s comforting and guiding AI computer unit.”

Finally, the Alien anthology’s debut issue teams Phillips and Ferreira for “The Hunt.” In this story, “Xenomorphs become the main attraction when Weyland-Yutani gives wealthy thrill-seekers a chance to hunt down the galaxy’s deadliest species.” Marvel promises a “tale of guts, glory and the most exhilarating of games.”

Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 goes on sale February 7, 2024 from Marvel Comics and 20th Century Studios.