Blood Hunt: Marvel’s Heroes Battle a Vampire Horde in New Crossover Event

Marvel Comics has officially announced Blood Hunt, an upcoming crossover event that sees a vampire horde descend upon the Marvel Universe.

As revealed at New York Comic Con 2023, Blood Hunt launches next spring. The vampire-themed event comes from the team of Jed MacKay, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia. Unsurprisingly, Blade appears to be a major player in this story. However, the Daywalker isn’t going into battle against the blood-sucking scourge alone. He is joined by the likes of Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Tigra, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and Thor.

Check out Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho’s promotional art for Blood Hunt — plus an official trailer for the upcoming event — below:

What to expect from Marvel’s Blood Hunt event

According to Marvel, Blood Hunt will “spill out into a host of tie-in issues in Marvel‘s hottest current series and see the launch of all-new limited series, one-shots, and redefining status quos. Brimming with unsurmountable stakes, this startling saga will drag the world into darkness as your favorite heroes struggle to ward off the vampire race’s cursed crusade of terror!”

“We have vampires in our books all the time. There’s some bad blood there,” MacKay said of the event. “What happens if the shoe was on the foot. We’ve got the Avengers, Moon Knight‘s Midnight Mission, Doctor Strange, Miles Morales, and of course, Blade, and there’s going to be more vampires you can shake a stick at.”

Blood Hunt launches in spring 2024 from Marvel Comics.