The Flash 2023 #1 Cover Cropped

The Flash’s New Series Is a Run in Terror

The Flash‘s Dawn of DC relaunch continues where the previous series left off. What distinguishes it from the earlier run, however, is a new horror-themed attitude.

Cosmic horror is the bread and butter of new Flash writer Si Spurrier. A veteran of both 2000 AD and Warhammer 40K, Spurrier was an unusual choice to helm such a traditional superhero comic. Yet that decision has made this new take on the Fastest Man Alive all the more interesting.

Wally West has Speed Force Vision in The Flash #1
(Image Source: DC)

The new series finds Wally West trying to balance his lives as a family man and superhero. This would be trouble enough, even for a man who can practically be in two places at once. However, Wally has begun having nightmares tied to the Speed Force that empowers him, warning of a coming menace called The Uncoiled.

The New Flash Offers More Horror Than Heroics

Spurrier’s story offers an effective hook for new readers. Yet he also does a fine job continuing the family drama that defined the previous Flash series. Apart from the on-going saga of the West children mastering their powers, mother Linda Park-West copes with the loss of the superspeed she gained while pregnant.

Linda Park in The Flash #1
(Image Source: DC)

Spurrier’s scripts are well-presented by artist Mike Deodato Jr. Like Spurrier, Deodato Jr. is known for a darker aesthetic than is typically associated with the Flash. Backed by the color art of Trish Mulvihill, this first issue looks great, and the action flows smoothly.

The lettering of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is of particular note, with every character’s dialogue presented in unique ways. The typed text of Linda Park’s thoughts is a prime example of this. The only odd note is twins Jai and Irey being drawn more like teenagers than elementary school age kids.

This new Flash book has quickly established itself as something unique. It continues the last volume’s story, while putting a cosmic horror twist on the Speed Force mythology. That alone makes it noteworthy. Hopefully it will also help it find an audience.

Rating: 8/10

The Flash (2023) #1 is now available at comic shops everywhere.