Rare Marvel Tales Are Finally Reprinted in New Rom and the X-Men Collection

Marvel Comics has announced Rom and the X-Men: Marvel Tales #1, a new collection that reprints Rom the Spaceknight’s early run-ins with the X-Men for the very first time.

Rom and the X-Men: Marvel Tales #1 hits comic shops this December as part of Marvel‘s partnership with Hasbro. The book collects Rom #17-18 and Rom #31-32, “showcasing Rom’s first encounter with the Children of the Atom and more!” All four issues were written by Bill Mantlo and illustrated by Sal Buscema as part of Rom’s original Marvel solo series.

Check out Nick Bradshaw’s cover art for Rom and the X-Men: Marvel Tales #1 below:

“During his classic adventures hunting the vile Dire Wraiths on Earth, Rom became embroiled in the affairs of mutantdom as he teamed up with the Uncanny X-Men, fought against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and even inspired Rogue in a startling turning point towards her journey towards heroism,” Marvel wrote in its official announcement.

The publisher continued, “In ROM (1979) #17-18, Rom and the X-Men are searching for the offspring of a Dire Wraith and a human, a creature known as Hybrid — which Cerebro has detected as a mutant! But as they clash over their target, Rom gets a taste of his own medicine courtesy of Kitty Pryde! Then, in ROM (1979) #31-32, the Galadorian hero battles Mystique‘s villainous mutant team — including future X-Men stalwart, Rogue — before teaming up with them for a rematch against Hybrid!”

Rom omnibus editions launch in 2024

December’s Rom and the X-Men: Marvel Tales #1 marks the first time Marvel has ever reprinted the mutant-centric stories featured in issues #17-18 and #31-32 of Rom. However, it certainly won’t be the last time. The House of Ideas has already announced Rom: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Set to launch in January 2024, the first hardcover omnibus volume collects Rom #1-29, plus Power Man and Iron Fist #73. The second volume follows suit in June 2024. It collects Rom #30-50, plus Rom Annual #1-2 and Marvel Two-in-One #99.

For the uninitiated, it was Bing McCoy who designed the original Rom the Spaceknight toy for Parker Brothers. The company then licensed the character to Marvel Comics. Marvel launched Rom: Spaceknight (later shortened to simply Rom) from Mantlo and Buscema in 1979. The series wrapped up in 1985 after 75 issues and four annuals. IDW Publishing eventually launched a new line of Rom comics in 2016. IDW licensed the character from Hasbro, which had acquired Parker Brothers in 1991.

Rom and the X-Men: Marvel Tales #1 goes on sale Wednesday, December 20 from Marvel Comics.