The Wheel of Time Comic Book Returns in November With The Great Hunt

Following a hiatus of over a decade, Dynamite Entertainment will resume publishing a comic adaptation of The Wheel of Time book series, picking up at The Great Hunt after the previous comics covered New Spring and The Eye of the World (a prequel novel and the first main book in the series, respectively).

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt is scheduled to release its first issue in November. Rik Hoskin is writer while Marcio Abreu provides the art, with Vinicius Andrade as colorist. The synopsis for this first chapter reads, “In chapter 1, ‘In the Shadows,’ the Dark One gathers his sinister followers, the Darkfriends, and charges them to find the new Dragon that has been born into the world — at any cost. For unless he can separate the Dragon from the light, all of the Dark One’s meticulously crafted plans are threatened!”

Three covers have been revealed for the debut issue, as shown below. These include one by artist Mel Rubi, one by Jordan Gunderson, and one that uses photography from the television adaptation of The Wheel of Time featuring Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor.

The Wheel of Time is a lengthy fantasy epic

The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy begun by Robert Jordan in 1990, with the final three of the fourteen books in the series completed by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan’s death in 2007. Prime Video is currently adapting the lengthy tale into a live-action TV series, with Season 2 — also based on the events of the book The Great Hunt — now airing new episodes on Thursdays. Renewed interest in The Wheel of Time has apparently prompted a continuation of the comics, which last had a new issue published in March 2013.

The Wheel of Time tells a complex, linear story about a world in which men who are born with the ability to use magic are doomed to lose their sanity, and the Dark One uses people and monsters as pawns for his power to grow. In The Great Hunt, the scope of the plot is beginning to unfold, and the main characters are learning about their individual abilities and their place in the Pattern of the Ages.

The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt #1 goes on sale November 15, 2023 from Dynamite Entertainment.