Batman and Catwoman in Gotham War Part 3
(Image Credit: DC)

A New Player Just Entered the Gotham War Event

The Gotham War just became more interesting with the revelation that Catwoman has a spy in her camp. Moreover, that spy is an established DC character, who has been working for Selena Kyle since before her recent battle with Batman.

The closing pages of Catwoman #57 by Tini Howard, Nico Leon, and Veronica Gandini, reveal that Catwoman’s right-hand woman, Marquise, is actually Scandal Savage. Scandal is also confirmed to be working for her infamous father, Vandal Savage.

Scandal Savage Revealed in Catwoman #57

The immortal warlord recently acquired ownership of Wayne Manor, and revealed he knew Batman’s secret identity. Beyond that, it is unclear what interest he has in Gotham City, and what role he might play in the Gotham War event.

Who Is Scandal Savage?

First appearing in Villains United #1, Scandal Savage shares her father’s healing factor. Despite this, Vandal had little love for his daughter, simply viewing her as a means of continuing his bloodline. This pushed Scandal, a lesbian, to rebel against her father and seek a life of her own.

Scandal found that life as one of the Secret Six, a team of anti-heroes too immoral to be heroes, yet too ethical to be villains. It was here that Scandal started a romantic relationship with the New God known as Knockout. They later formed a polycule with an exotic dancer named Liana. This relationship carried over into the New 52 era.

The third chapter of Gotham War makes it clear that Scandal infiltrating Catwoman’s gang was part of a long con. It is also revealed that Scandal is working for her father under duress. She makes direct reference to Vandal attacking her and almost killing her and “my woman.” This is most likely a reference to Knockout, who was among the villains helping Catwoman defend her neighborhood in the current Catwoman series. Less clear, however, is where Scandal’s loyalties will ultimately fall.

Catwoman #57 is now available at comic shops everywhere.