Good Omens Graphic Novel Concept Art Highlights Crowley’s Design

New preview art from the Good Omens graphic novel by Colleen Doran showcases Crowley’s expressions, sense of fashion, and “floofy” hair.

Doran, the artist who is adapting the Good Omens novel by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett into comic form, shared the Crowley model sheet on her Tumblr. The art, shown below, was added to a post in which she explained why she’s unable to be more active on social media while the project is still in production. “I do appreciate all the interest and enthusiasm from everyone, and think it’s best if I put my focus on the art and less on talking about it,” Doran said. “Talking about it too much drains the power I need to get the art out.”

However, to tide fans over until the graphic novel is released, she revealed one page of concept art for the first time, saying, “Anyway, I don’t think I ever posted this early model sheet of Crowley here. He’s so much fun to draw.”

Crowley, Good Omens’ snarky but good-hearted demon on Earth

The two main characters of Good Omens are an angel and a demon, respective agents of Heaven and Hell who choose to team up and enjoy life among humans rather than let the world be consumed by the Apocalypse. In the hit live-action Good Omens TV series on Prime Video, the demon Crowley is played by David Tennant, but Doran’s graphic novel is based directly on the source material rather than being influenced by the show.

As seen in the model sheet, Doran’s version of Crowley bears little resemblance to Tennant, but is slim and sophisticated, with snake-like eyes hinting at his true nature. However, the artist did note that this is an early model sheet, so Crowley may have gone through some changes since it was drawn.

Good Omens in a highly anticipated new format

The Kickstarter campaign for Doran’s Good Omens graphic novel closed on August 31 after becoming the most backed and funded comic in the site’s history, with every stretch goal reached and surpassed. Although Doran stressed that she wouldn’t base her versions of Aziraphale and Tennant on Sheen and Tennant, both actors and their co-star Jon Hamm will contribute a foreword to the graphic novel, as gained from the final stretch goal.

The Good Omens graphic novel’s publication is estimated for July 2024.