JSA by Alex Ross
(Photo Credit: Alex Ross/DC Comics)

JSA to Expand Its Ranks… With Villains

The JSA has long united the World’s Finest Heroes of the DC Universe. Now, the Justice Society of America stands ready to recruit some of its enemies as new members.

Why The JSA is Expanding

The decision to expand the Justice Society came in the closing pages of Justice Society of America #6, by Geoff Johns, Marco Santucci, and Ivan Plascencia. Most of the issue built upon the recent Stargirl mini-series “The Lost Children,” which introduced several young heroes to the DCU.

The JSA effort to help the Lost Children find their families inspired Helena “Huntress” Wayne. The daughter of Batman and Catwoman from an alternate future, Helena had her own issues with being lost in time. She was also trying to find a niche on the team that took her in. This led her to approach Power Girl with the idea of offering its enemies a chance at redemption.

The JSA Has a History of Redeeming Villains

According to Helena Wayne, the JSA of her future recruited several villains who wanted to make up for their wicked ways. She suggested there was no reason they couldn’t do the same thing in the present. She also suggested starting with Solomon Grundy, who was “the most loyal of them all” in her timeline.

While this idea may seem insane on the surface, the JSA has a long history of turning enemies into allies. Solomon Grundy allied himself with Infinity Inc. for a time, as did the villain Brainwave Junior. Black Adam was also a member of the Justice Society of America, though he ultimately left the team to deliver his own harsh justice elsewhere.

It remains to be seen if Huntress and Power Girl can successfully convince multiple villains to change their ways. However, if they are successful, it will further enrich one of DC Comics‘ most powerful teams.