Kamen Rider Zero-One Cover Cropped
(Source: Titan Comics)

Kamen Rider Returns in First Western Comic Story

Kamen Rider is speeding back into action one more time. The popular Japanese superhero is making his Western comics debut in a new story from Titan Comics.

The History of Kamen Rider and Masked Rider

Originally created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori in 1971, Kamen Rider quickly became a hit. The original show centered around college student Takeshi Hongo and his battles with the terrorist organization Shocker. Subsequent series focused on new heroes and villains, but continued the premise of an insect-masked vigilante on a motorcycle fighting evil.

Kamen Rider first became known to Western audiences in 1995, after Saban Entertainment adapted the 1988 Kamen Rider Black RX series into Masked Rider. While not as successful as Saban’s blending of several Super Sentai series into the Power Rangers, Masked Rider still found an audience. This audience discovered the original Kamen Rider shows, as Eastern pop culture became more prevalent in the West.

Kaden Rider Zero-One is the penultimate incarnation of Kamen Rider, first appearing in 2019. An aspiring comedian, Aruto Hiden put his dreams of stardom aside to take over his family’s company. He also used his grandfather’s technology to take up the Kamen Rider mantle.

The comic picks up where the series ended, with Aruto and Hiden Intelligence facing a new villain dubbed Ragnorak. Unique to the reality of the comics, Ragnorak will force Aruto to face his own past.

Kaden Rider Zero-One is scripted by comics writer Brandon Easton (Transformers). The art was produced by Hendry Prasetya (Power Rangers) and Bryan Valenza (X-Terminators). It is sure to be a hit with those who enjoyed the original Kamen Rider series and the Masked Rider series. It will also appeal to fans of Power Rangers, Ultraman, and mecha.

Kaden Rider Zero-One TP arrives in comic shops everywhere on September 12, 2023.