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Knight Terrors: Why Aquaman Is the Surprise Hero of DC’s Horror Event

Arthur Curry/Aquaman manages to save the planet from Insomnia’s clutches in DC ComicsKnight Terrors: Superman #2.

In DC’s Knight Terrors event, heroes, villains, and innocent citizens have all fallen into a deep slumber, forcing them to confront their nightmares thanks to the emergence of a deadly new villain named Insomnia. While Deadman (who is possessing Batman’s body) and a few others are currently trying to find a way to defeat Insomnia once and for all, Aquaman comes up with a way to wake everyone up in Knight Terrors: Superman #2.

Aquaman, who has largely been absent from DC continuity since 2022’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths but reappeared at the end of Knight Terrors: Superman #1, deployed his family across the globe following Insomnia’s attack in order to protect everyone who had fallen asleep. Arthur and Mera then took an unconscious Superman (who has been battling a host of his own nightmares in the dream world) to Supercorp so they could find a way to wake him up.

How did the Atlantians manage to escape Insomnia’s Knight Terrors scheme?

Mera explains as to why Atlantians haven’t been affected by Insomnia’s attack, “Our inner ears have evolved for the intense pressure of living underwater. It’s built up a kind of natural defense that allows us to communicate in the sea. We can hear each other. But that same ability blocked whatever happened.”

Luckily, Mera comes up with a way to trigger the same kind of auditory block in the Man of Steel, which effectively awakens him. He quickly takes off to join the fight against Insomnia, while Arthur and Mera pledge to “get to work” waking everyone else up.

Knight Terrors: Superman #2 is written by Joshua Williamson, illustrated by Tom Reilly, colored by Nathan Fairbairn, and lettered by Ariana Maher. The issue features cover art by Gleb Melnikov and variants by Jon Bogdanove, Hi-Fi, John Giang, Mikel Janín, and Pete Woods.

Knight Terrors: Superman #2 is on sale now from DC.