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Spider-Man Just Revealed His Secret Identity to a Major Marvel Character

Spider-Man removes his mask and reveals himself to be Peter Parker in front of Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan in Marvel ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #31.

In Amazing Spider-Man #31, Peter and Ms. Marvel, who recently returned from the dead and is now part mutant, are sitting on a rooftop talking about their recent run-in with Benjamin Rabin/the Emissary. Peter apologizes for putting Kamala in a position that got her killed and then tells her she “saved the world.”

As Kamala is walking away, Spider-Man calls her back. “I usually save this for kids with incurable diseases,” he says as he removes his mask and reveals himself to be Peter.

“B-but I know you. I worked with you,” Kamala responds, referencing how they both work for Oscorp Industries. “I was working with Spider-Man?! I worked with Spider-Man! But you were such a nerd.” 

Assuming Peter is working at Oscorp to keep an eye on Norman (who has supposedly been redeemed from his past sins and is now acting as a superhero known as the Gold Goblin) Kamala offers to lend a hand should the need ever arise. “Remember, I’m a member of the X-Men,” she says before departing.

The death and return of Ms. Marvel

In Amazing Spider-Man #31, Ms. Marvel (whose role in the series had been minimal up until that point) was killed while disguising herself as Mary Jane Watson during an intense battle with the Emissary in Amazing Spider-Man #26. Shortly after her death, Krakoa’s leaders realized Kamala was secretly a mutant (along with being an Inhuman). She was brought back to life at the start of the third annual Hellfire Gala with Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols, at which point Charles Xavier asked her to publicly announce her mutant heritage and join the X-Men.

Kamala’s story will continue in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant, a four-issue limited series launching on August 30, 2023, from writers Ian Vellani and Samir Pirzada and artists Carlos Gómez and Adam Gorham.

Amazing Spider-Man #31’s Peter Parker/Ms. Marvel story is written by Zeb Wells, illustrated by David Lopez, colored by KJ Diáz, and lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna.

Amazing Spider-Man #31 is on sale now from Marvel.