Wonder Woman Battles the Birds of Prey in New DC Cover Art

DC has revealed the official cover art for Birds of Prey #3 and #4 — teasing bad blood between the eponymous all-female superhero team and their new member, Wonder Woman.

This September, DC is relaunching Birds of Prey with the creative team of writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero. The new series sees Wonder Woman join the formidable team, albeit not necessarily in their best interests. CBR has an exclusive first look at the covers for issues #3 and #4. The main cover for Birds of Prey #3 shows Wonder Woman wielding her Lasso of Truth during a standoff with her fellow heroes. Meanwhile, the main cover for issue #4 teases Wonder Woman and Big Barda coming to blows.

Birds of Prey #3
Birds of Prey #4

What to expect from DC’s new Birds of Prey series

“I’m trying to be careful about our remaining surprises — overall plot, antagonists, and other as yet unannounced characters that are playing a role,” Thompson told CBR. “I can confirm that Green Arrow is briefly in Issue #1 and in Issue #3. And I can also confirm that there are at least two other characters involved in the story that I think fans will be pretty excited about.”

Regarding the future role she envisions the Birds of Prey having in the DC Universe, the writer continued, “While the first two issues take place in and around Gotham, the rest of the book is in a new location. I think what role the Birds play in the DC Universe is a bit up to DC and the fans. I’d love it if we can become a cool fun anchor book for DC. That’s the dream. I love this book so much, and I hope the fans do too.”

Birds of Prey #1 goes on sale Tuesday, September 5.