Sentry Marvel Comics limited series

The Sentry, One of Marvel’s Most Dangerous Heroes, Returns for New Series

The Sentry returns for a new Marvel Comics limited series co-starring Misty Knight and Jessica Jones. It launches in December 2023.

Marvel Comics announced writer Jason Loo and Luigi Zagaria will helm the four-issue run.

Sentry Marvel Comics limited series

“Who will be the new Sentry?” the publisher teased. “The Sentry is dead, but ordinary people all over the world are suddenly manifesting his powers and experiencing snippets of Bob Reynolds’ memories. But not everyone can be trusted with such responsibility, sparking a violent conflict to control the Sentry’s legacy. Will one of them survive long enough to emerge as the new Sentry? Or will their newfound power destroy them? When Misty Knight and Jessica Jones cross paths in search of answers, they open an investigation that will change everything you think you know about the Sentry!”

The Sentry: Who is Marvel’s dangerous version of Superman?

Created by Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee, and Rick Veitch, the Sentry/Robert “Bob” Reynolds debuted in 2000’s The Sentry #1. The character is equipped with many of the same powers as DC’s Superman. But unlike Clark Kent, Reynolds has an alternate, repressed persona living inside him known as the Void that — if unleashed — can cause massive amounts of harm, chaos, and death.

The Sentry was killed by Knull during Marvel’s King in Black event. In recent Marvel continuity, the Blasphemy Cartel obtained the Sentry’s body and possessed it with one hundred million souls during 2022-2023’s Strange series. Clea and (Doctor) Stephen Strange defeated this version of the Sentry, which the Blasphemy Cartel dubbed “Revenant Prime,” by exorcising all the souls from his body in Strange #10.

“This new chapter of the Sentry has an intriguing concept: on top of all the responsibilities and struggles a single person has to deal with in their everyday life, can one also handle the power of a million exploding suns?” Loo said. “It’s a fun opportunity for me to create new characters that readers can see themselves in and bestow them these earth-shaking powers.”

Sentry #1 features cover art by Ben Harvey. The issue releases on December 6, 2023, from Marvel Comics.