Astonishing Iceman Bobby Drake murdered Romeo

Fall of X: How X-Men’s Iceman Survived Being Murdered at the Hellfire Gala

The first issue of Marvel Comics’ Astonishing Iceman series, which ties into the Fall of X event, reveals how Bobby Drake survived being murdered during the X-Men’s third annual Hellfire Gala.

In X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1, what was supposed to be an evening of celebration took a catastrophic turn when the anti-mutant organization known as ORCHIS invaded Mykines Island and killed thousands of innocent victims. One of the casualties was Bobby Drake/Iceman, who was injected with a napalm weapon that completely vaporized his body during a fight with Nimrod.

The first issue of Marvel’s Astonishing Iceman series reveals Bobby’s boyfriend, Romeo, is ultimately the one who brought the fan-favorite X-Man back to life.

How Romeo and Bobby’s relationship ultimately saved Iceman

Bobby narrates in Astonishing Iceman #1, “It was so quick. The pain took over. I could barely think. My cells were boiling to nothing, and the only thought I had…was how much it sucked that he was there. Romeo. I mean, I thought I was done. No more resurrection. And if I was…if this was the end of your friendly, neighborhood Iceman, well…then it wasn’t me who’d have to live with it. It was him.”

Despite all the remaining telepaths being led to believe Bobby was dead, Romeo, who is an Inhuman, was able to bring Iceman back to life with his empathic abilities. 

“The more Romeo connects to someone, the more he feels for them, the more his power can affect them,” Bobby explains. “Now, I might not have had any thoughts to speak of. But feelings? I guess there were still just enough out there. Enough of me feeling for him and him feeling for me. Enough for Romeo to grab hold and pull me back together.”

Astonishing Iceman #1 comes from writer Steve Orlando, artist Vincenzo Carratú, color artist Java Tartaglia, and letterer VC’s Travis Lanham. Featuring cover art by Jesús Saiz and variant cover art by Greg Land, Rachelle Rosenberg, Ken Lashley, Juan Fernandez, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, and Skottie Young, the issue is on sale now from Marvel Comics.