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Marvel Readies for Iron Man and Emma Frost’s Wedding With New Homage Covers

In celebration of Tony Stark/Iron Man and the X-Men‘s Emma Frost’s wedding, Marvel Comics has released two new homage variant covers — courtesy of artist Meghan Hetrick.

Marvel Comics‘ Invincible Iron Man #10 variants homage John Romita Sr.’s cover for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, the issue that saw Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson tie the knot. Hetrick’s covers will be available in two separate formats, one featuring characters in proper wedding attire and the other depicting them in their superhero costumes.

First reported by IGN, news of Tony and Emma’s marriage broke in June 2023. The storyline will play out in Invincible Iron Man #10 and X-Men #26, both of which release in September 2023. The issues tie into the ongoing Fall of X event, which kicked off when the anti-mutant organization known as ORCHIS attacked Krakoa’s third annual Hellfire Gala.

“Neither seems like the marrying type. Why this works, and how this works, and how much fun this is whether their marriage works or not will need to be seen to be believed and you’ll have to buy it to find out!” Gerry Duggan, who writes both X-Men and Invincible Iron Man, said. “They certainly don’t seem like they’re ready to be married to anyone, let alone to each other, but life can change quickly.”

Invincible Iron Man sheds new light on Emma and Tony’s relationship

Emma is now one of the few mutants still alive following ORCHIS’ attack at the Hellfire Gala. In Invincible Iron Man #8, she and the other survivors found themselves battling an army of Stark Sentinels created by the villainous Feilong. Tony joined in the fight but was gravely injured, at which point Emma then used her powers to take over Tony’s mind so the battle could continue.

Upon recovering, Tony surrendered to Feilong in order to give Emma and the other mutants enough time to escape. He gave her his Iron Man armor and watched her fly away to safety. Tony then dared Feilong to murder him in cold blood.

Illustrated by Stefano Caselli, X-Men #26 releases on September 6, 2023. Invincible Iron Man #10, which is illustrated by Juan Frigeri, follows on September 27, 2023.