Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #6 Injustice universe

Superman’s Son May Have Just Permanently Changed DC’s Injustice Universe

Jon Kent’s recent adventure through the multiverse may have permanently changed DC ComicsInjustice universe for the better.

In DC’s Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, the Man of Steel’s son made his way to the world of Injustice following an intense battle with the villainous Ultraman. While the world initially seemed like a utopian paradise, Jon quickly learned Injustice’s Superman runs the place with an iron fist and all the world’s residents are terrified the tyrannical leader will murder them if they step out of line.

The sixth and final issue of the limited series sees the Injustice Superman attempt to hold a public execution for Batman and Harley Quinn, both of whom were working with Catwoman and Batgirl to end Clark’s dictatorship. Jon manages to free Batman and Harley before the execution can be held, which then sends Superman into a rage where he breaks Jay Nakamura’s arm.

Could Jon Kent’s efforts lead Injustice Superman to redemption?

Jon has a brief moment where he considers fighting this world’s version of his father, but he instead gives him a hug and tells him he’s sorry for all the pain he’s had to go through. He proceeds to show Superman a video of Lois Lane (who is dead in the Injustice universe), who pleads with Clark to give up his villainous ways.

Following the video, Cyborg shoots Jon with a gun sending him back to Prime Earth before Injustice Superman can fully reveal if he’s ready to change his ways. As Jon is leaving, however, Clark begins to express regret and tries to tell Jon to stay with him, suggesting he’s now ready to turn a new leaf.

“I truly hope that you can find a better path one day,” Jon tells Injustice Superman as he’s returning home. “That you can reflect on what you’ve done, and you can change. But regardless, humanity is watching. Some of them will still worship you — those inexplicably, ignorantly drawn to a bully. But most will see exactly how weak you are. How lost. What you had here is over.” 

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #6 comes from writer Tom Taylor, artist Clayton Henry, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Wes Abbott. The issue features cover art by Henry and Marcelo Maiolo and variant cover art by Ariel Colón, Laura Braga, Prasad Rao (Pressy), Zu Orzu, and Cully Hamner. Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #6 is on sale now from DC.