Marvel Comics Reveals Magikal First Look at Realm of X #1

Marvel Comics has released a first-look preview for Realm of X, the upcoming series that sends an unlikely team of mutants to the realm of Vanaheim.

Realm of X launches later this month as part of Marvel‘s “Fall of X” event. The four-issue series comes from writer Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Red Sonja) and artist Diógenes Neves (New Mutants, X-Men: Worlds Apart). The first look at issue #1 consists of Stephanie Hans’ cover art, as well as five unlettered interior pages.

Check out the first-look preview for Realm of X #1 below:

What is Realm of X about?

The solicitation text for Realm of X #1 reads as follows: “Leaping straight from the astonishing events of this year’s Hellfire Gala, the unlikely team of Magik, Mirage, Marrow, Dust and Typhoid Mary find themselves stranded in … Vanaheim? And what’s even more confusing, the locals seem to believe that they hold the key to fulfilling a prophecy that can either raise the realm to riches — or cause it to fall to ruin. With Magik’s powers malfunctioning and a mysterious figure amassing power on the outskirts of the realm, these X-Men are going to have to band together if they want to stay alive long enough to find their way home!”

Meanwhile, the solicitation text for September’s issue #2 teases flaring tempers as “this powder keg of a team struggles to protect their fellow mutants from the growing conflict in Vanaheim” — all with Magik’s powers “still on the fritz.” Then, October’s Realm of X #3 will see Mirage turn to her former friends in Asgard for help as the day of the prophecy approaches and the walls continue to close in.

Realm of X #1 goes on sale Wednesday, Aug. 23 from Marvel Comics.

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