Black Widow Venom

Black Widow Becomes Venom’s New Host, Gets Her Own Symbiote Suit

Marvel Comics is set to turn Black Widow into Venom’s new host — complete with her very own symbiote suit.

Per GamesRadar, Natasha Romanoff will bond with the fan-favorite symbiote in November 2023’s Venom #27. The issue comes from writer Torunn Grønbekk and artist Julius Ohta, with the character design for Black Widow’s new Venom suit coming from CAFU.

“THE VENOM OF THE WIDOW!” the official solicitation for Venom #27 reads. “After the birth of an all-new symbiote, what familiar face will cross its path and become its first host?! And will that host be able to resist the symbiote’s corrupting and violent influence? Perhaps the bigger question: Will the symbiote be able to survive THEIRS?!”

Natasha Romanoff’s Journey to Becoming Venom

While Natasha’s last Black Widow solo series ended in early 2022, the character played a role in the 2023 Captain America Cold War event. She’s also joining a new team of Thunderbolts alongside Sharon Carter/Destroyer, White Widow/Yelena Belova, Red Guardian/Alexi Shostakov, U.S. Agent/John Walker, Shang-Chi, and Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier in a new series from Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Geraldo Borges that launches in December 2023.

Solicitation information for Venom #26, which releases on Oct. 11, further teases Black Widow’s Venom transformation. The synopsis references the “shocking events of Venom #23” will lead Natasha to the symbiote in a way that will leave “them both changed FOREVER!”

Currently, Dylan Brock has bonded with the Venom symbiote after his father, Eddie (and Venom’s regular host), was seemingly killed in an explosion. Eddie was later revealed to still be alive; however, he’s since been caught up in a cosmic adventure in a mystical land called the Garden of Time.

Black Widow #27 features cover and variant art by CAFU and additional variant cover art by Ejikure. The issue releases Nov. 1 from Marvel Comics.