Superboy, Steel, The Eradicator, Superman and Cyborg Superman standing at the ready
Superboy, Steel, The Eradicator, Superman and Cyborg Superman standing at the ready

Original Return of Superman Creative Teams Reunite for 30th Anniversary Special

DC is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Return of Superman by reuniting the creative teams responsible for resurrecting the Man of Steel.

Per ComicBook, writers Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel are joining forces with artists Travis Moore, Brett Breeding, Jon Bogdanove, Butch Guice, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood for a collection of stories set within the wake of Superman’s death. The 30th Anniversary Special will be framed through the eyes of Lois Lane, who uncovers a journal kept by Perry White that’s filled with secrets he discovered during his search for the next Superman. The series will sport a 1:25 variant by Brad Walker, a 1:50 variant by Bogdanove, and a foil variant by Jurgens.

The Return of Superman’s Legacy

Widely considered one of the most iconic DC stories of all time, The Death of Superman saw Kal-El meet his match when he tussled with the bloodthirsty Doomsday. While the villain was defeated, the effort cost Superman his life, resulting in a power vacuum that spawned multiple replacements. These newcomers, introduced in the Reign of the Supermen arc, included Superboy, John Henry Irons aka Steel, the Man of Tomorrow aka Cyborg Superman, and The Last Son of Krypton aka The Eradicator; the two latter replacements had nefarious machinations, and were thwarted by the real Superman who was brought back to like using the power of the regeneration matrix.

The Return of Superman is revered amongst comic book fans and has been adapted on multiple occasions. Zack Snyder homages the story in his Justice League movie when Clark Kent is resurrected by the team after he was killed by Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC also produced an animated version of Reign of the Supermen, an adaptation that managed to impress fans despite its stuffed cast of characters.

The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special hits shelves on Oct. 31.