Savage Sword of Conan Cover Cropped

Savage Sword of Conan Returns to Titan Comics in 2024

Titan Comics‘ revival of Conan The Barbarian in comics continues, with the publisher announcing the return of the beloved Savage Sword of Conan series in 2024.

What Is Savage Sword of Conan?

Originally published by Marvel Comics from 1974 to 1995, Savage Sword of Conan served as a grim counterpart to the monthly Conan the Barbarian comic. Printed in a magazine format with monochromatic artwork. Savage Sword of Conan featured more mature Conan stories, free from the confining regulations of the Comics Code Authority. The anthology series also featured tales of Red Sonja and other sword-and-sorcery stories inspired by Robert E. Howard.

Titan Comics announced the new Savage Sword of Conan book at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, The publisher also released a trailer for the new book, which can be viewed below.

“Ever since we announced the launch of this new comic book line, fans and creators alike have been clamouring for the return of this iconic title – ONLY if it was in its original B&W anthology magazine format,” noted editor Matt Murray. “We hope that we can live up to the expectations, as well as the legacy of the classic book, and think that with the writers and artists we already have on board (and those we’re still talking to) we can forge a new and exciting chapter in Conan’s savage story.”

Expectations are high, given that the advance sales on Titan Comics’ Conan the Barbarian #1 (which releases on August 2, 2023) have already made it the company’s highest selling comic ever. Thankfully, Savage Sword of Conan seems ready to meet that challenge, with the SDCC panel announcing the comic revealing  John Arcudi, Frank Tieri, Patch Zircher, Howard Chaykin, Rafael Kayanan, Cary Nord, Rebeca Puebla, Dan Panosian, Richard Pace and Gerardo Zaffino as some of the all-star creators signed-on for the new series.

Titan Comics’ Savage Sword of Conan #1 will premiere in 2024, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the original Savage Sword of Conan series.