The Holy Roller: Andy Samberg, Joe Trohman Team Up for New Image Series

Andy Samberg and Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman are working together on a new Image Comics series, The Holy Roller.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, The Holly Roller is a new series being co-written by Samberg, Trohman, and Rick Remender. Featuring art by Roland Boschi, the series is described as “Kingpin meets Inglorious Basterds meets Batman,” according to

The Holy Roller follows Levi Coen, a professional bowler who has no choice but to quit his dream job and return home in order to take care of his sickly father. Upon returning home, however, Levi discovers the town where he grew up has become taken over by neo-Nazis. Equipped with nothing but his bowling ball collection, Levi then transforms himself into a superhero known as the Holy Roller and begins meting out punishment.

Samberg, Trohman, and Remender on Working on The Holy Roller

“If you have ever found yourself wondering, ‘Why is there no comic book about a vigilante hero who smashes people’s faces in with a bowling ball?’ you are in LUCK, bruv!” Samberg said of the series.

“This is an intensely personal book that will resonate with all,” Trohman added. “A hyper-stylized yarn, but informed by the bleak reality we’ve all come to know. It’s also your one-stop-shop for a bad-ass Jewish guy kicking, punching, and bowling-balling Neo-Nazis into oblivion!”

“Sometimes the best stories start off as silly, over-the-top ideas that after a little while become clear to everyone in the room are actually great,” said Remender. “This is one of those. This is a hilarious and poignant story, full of big action, and told from a place of real passion.”

The Holy Roller #1 features covers by J.H. Williams III, Brett Parson, Keron Grant, Brian Level, Mike Hawthorne, and Rafael Albuquerque. The series launches in November 2023 from Image.