New X-Men Fall of X

New X-Men: Marvel’s New Mutant Team Will Arrive After Fall of X

The mutant’s time on Krakoa may be coming to an end, but Marvel Comics is teasing the debut of a new X-Men team arriving after Fall of X.

Marvel Comics released a new image at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 announcing new X-Men; although, who the new X-Men are isn’t immediately clear at this time. “What Are the New X-Men?” the publisher teased. “Krakoa may fall, but the X-Men never will.”

New X-Men Fall of X
New X-Men Fall of X

The new X-Men will arrive in 2024. A sneak peek will be released sometime in November 2023.

How Fall of X could forever shake the X-Men and mutantkind

Fall of X is a massive X-Men event that may see the mutant’s time on Krakoa — an island that was established as a safe haven for the mutants during House of X and Powers of X — come to a potentially tragic end. Marvel has been relatively vague as to what could cause Krakow’s fall; however, a number of villains (including Feilong, who has already created an army of Iron Man-inspired Sentinels, the anti-mutant organization ORCHIS, and more) have steadily emerged as threats to be reckoned with.

“Fall of X is going to be the next stage of our Krakoan X-Men story,” editor Jordan D. White previously explained to Marvel Comics. “As the name implies, it’s going to be a rough one for mutants… I mean, it’s not like everything has been perfect since the founding of Krakoa, but things have been relatively good for mutantkind.

“There’s been a bunch of things that they’ve had to put up with, but they still had their own nation and whatnot…and things are going well. Are those things going to continue in FALL OF X? Let me just say it’s going to be dark, like I said, and they’re going to go through some troubles. It’s going to be a status quo that affects the entire X-Men line. Any book that has mutants in it, it’s going to be affected by this, for sure.”

What books are included in Fall of X?

Fall of X begins at the third annual Hellfire Gala, an event which occurs in a one-shot releasing on July 26, 2023. Written by Gerry Duggan, X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 features art by Kris Anna, Joshua Cassara, Russell Dauterman, Adam Kubert, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Lucioano Vecchio, and more.

Fall of X will then continue to play out in a number of ongoing and limited series, including X-Men, Astonishing Iceman, Wolverine, Children of the Vault, Invincible Iron Man, Dark X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Realm of X, X-Men Red, Alpha Flight, X-Force, Uncanny Spider-Man, and Immortal X-Men.