Carnage Gets a New Marvel Comics Series Following Miles Morales Crossover

Carnage is getting a new Marvel Comics series in Nov. 2023 following his recent crossover event with Miles Morales.

Announced exclusively by Bloody Disgusting, Carnage #1 arrives in November 2023 from writer Torunn Grønbekk and artist Pere Pérez. The new series could see Carnage reunite with his original host, Cletus Kasady, and will also begin setting up a brand-new Venom storyline.

Marvel Comics teased of the new Carnage series, “Every symbiote needs a host. And for CARNAGE, there has only ever been one host who has made it feel whole, and it’s time for a reunion…DON’T MISS this shocking and unexpected start to the next chapter of CARNAGE’s story – one which lays the groundwork for the next VENOM epic!”

Carnage Goes for the Jugular in Marvel’s Summer of Symbiotes

In recent Marvel continuity, Cletus has separated from his symbiote host after the two had a falling out. Cletus then bonded with a different organism called the Extrembiote, which is made out of a cosmic dragon and Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. Using this newfound power, Cletus waged war against Miles Morales/Spider-Man in the Carnage Reigns crossover event.

Carnage Reigns is part of Marvel’s Summer of Symbiotes, a publishing initiative celebrating the 35th anniversary of Venom’s first proper appearance in 1988. Summer of Symbiotes is leading up to a five-issue limited series starring Carnage, Death of the Venomverse, written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Gerardo. 

The solicitation synopsis for Death of the Venomverse #1, which releases Aug. 2, 2023, reads, “THE END OF THE VENOMVERSE IS HERE! CULLEN BUNN and GERARDO SANDOVAL reunite to bring the symbiotic ax down on the VENOMVERSE! CARNAGE has been building his powers up, extracting unique abilities from many villains throughout the MARVEL UNIVERSE to the point of traversing the Multiverse with ONE GOAL: KILL ANY AND ALL VENOMS!”

Featuring cover art by Paulo Siqueira, Carnage #1 arrives in Nov. 2023.