Ultimate Invasion

Ultimate Invasion #1 Trailer Teases Major Marvel Comics Event

Marvel Entertainment has released an Ultimate Invasion #1 trailer to tease the major comic event that will “usher in a new age of Marvel comics.” Ultimate Invasion #1 will go on sale on June 21.

The voice-acted trailer features T’Challa and Reed Richards trying to figure out what missing supervillain The Maker is attempting to do. It then shows The Maker creating a portal to the Ultimate universe as the Illuminati tries to stop him.

Check out the Ultimate Invasion #1 trailer below:

What is Ultimate Invasion?

Ultimate Invasion is a four-part limited comic series from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Bryan Hitch. The series is set to bring Marvel’s Illuminati back together as they try to stop The Maker — Earth-1610’s villainous version of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic — from rebuilding the Ultimate universe.

The Ultimate Marvel universe was created in the early 2000s as part of the Ultimate Marvel comics imprint. This new universe — Earth-1610 — featured new versions of famous Marvel characters in the modern world, serving as an accessible entry point for new readers. The Ultimate universe would come to an end in 2015’s Secret Wars event, which saw characters like The Maker and Miles Morales escaping to the main universe of Earth-616.