For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Hot Toys Is Groot

Warning: The Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Groot figure includes minor SPOILERS

He is Groot. And if you speak Groot, that’s all you need to know. However, anyone reading this who hasn’t been in Groot’s presence long enough to acquire an ear for his dialogue might require a few more words. So here they are: Hot Toys kicks off their Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 collection with Groot, now fully grown again for the first time since the original film. (The buff Holiday Special version seemed college-age if you ask us.) Since he uses an entirely original body and one with realistic mossy textures at that, he’s not cheap by Hot Toys standards, which is to say, really not cheap. $285, in fact, but that’s just for the basic version.

I Am Super-Sized

Per the official description, both Groot figures “features a newly developed head sculpt, and three interchangeable face sculpts with amazing likeness. Detailed recreation of his distinctive body physique highlights the real-like moss and tree texture. It also features sculpted weapons and accessories such as heavy pistols, detonators, and a themed figure stand.”

The Deluxe version, which will run you $350, also includes “more pistols, an interchangeable tree-textured torso, his bendable branching arms for dynamic poses, and a small branching legs [piece] that can be displayed with Groot’s different face sculpts.” Curiously, neither includes the wings that the Hasbro figure includes. But if you ever wanted a Groot head to do The Thing’s Spider-Walk (John Carpenter Thing, not Fantastic Four Thing), you got it.

Take a look through the gallery of official images below. Then tell us in the comments if you’ll buy one.