Exclusive Preview: The Invincible Iron Man #2

Tony Stark has often been his own worst enemy, but his recent downfall isn’t of his own creation. After engineering Stark’s latest fall from grace, a new enemy is still out to destroy him in The Invincible Iron Man #2.

Everything that Stark once had to his name, including his company and his vast wealth, is gone. However, Stark’s new foe simply won’t be satisfied by dragging him through the mud. Attempts on Stark’s life continue, even before the secret agenda of his adversary has been revealed.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for The Invincible Iron Man #2, writer Gerry Duggan and artist Juan Frigeri find Stark at his lowest point. Even his protégée, Riri Williams/Ironheart is losing faith in her mentor. Regardless, Stark has some good reasons to distrust Riri as well. Riri has the Mandarin’s rings, and she’s not willing to give them up for safekeeping.

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

“The assassination attempts on Tony’s life continue as a familiar foe returns to take him down. It’ll be up to Iron Man and Ironheart to stop him…but what secret is Riri Williams harboring from Tony? And will this change their relationship forever?”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. The Invincible Iron Man #2 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, January 18.

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