Exclusive Preview: Thunderbolts #5

It’s not easy leading a team of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Even though Hawkeye has led his own team of Avengers and a previous incarnation of the Thunderbolts, he doesn’t have the confidence of his new band of Thunderbolts. Spectrum, America Chavez, Power Man/Victor Alvarez, Gutsen Glory, Persuasion, and Eegro the Unbreakable simply have no respect for him. But the team had better rally fast, because they’re all in the grip of a dark power in Thunderbolts #5.

For months, the team has struggled to live up to their hype as New York’s premiere superheroes. A lot of that is Hawkeye’s fault, but Spectrum has also been undermining him and waiting for him to fail. That’s one of the reasons this team has no unity. And because of that, their unseen foe has quietly taken all of them out.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Thunderbolt #5, Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse get ready to reveal who has really been pulling the team’s strings for the last four issues. And let’s just say that this villain is way out of the team’s league. However, they have to overcome their self doubt before they can face him.

Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“Super heroes, celebrities, troublemakers, criminals…Clint Barton’s dream team crumbles as the shadow that’s been cast over every move they’ve made is finally revealed! Who’s behind their downfall, and what comes next? ‘Justice, Like Lightning’ celebrates 25 years in the Mighty Marvel Manner!”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Thunderbolts #5 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, December 28.

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