Exclusive First Look At Judgment Day For Arakko In X-Men Red #6

In the Dawn of X, the mutant nation of Krakoa has become more than just a superpower on Earth. Its reach has extended to Mars, which has been terraformed into a living world for the mutants of Arakko. In X-Men Red, Storm, Magneto, and a few other mutants from Earth have formed a new Brotherhood to protect the red planet. However, they will soon face their greatest challenge to date: The Eternals. In the upcoming crossover event, Judgment Day, the Eternals have decided that all mutants are Deviants, and thus they have to be exterminated. X-Men Red #6.

Even with the intervention of the Avengers, this war is too big to remain on Earth. In Superhero Hype’s exclusive first look at X-Men Red #6, the Eternals have come to lay waste to Arrako. Writer Al Ewing and artist Stefano Caselli will chronicle what happens when Storm and Magneto’s new Brotherhood has to step up in defense of their new home.

“It’s a big test for them,” said Ewing. “How they react to this is going to be what the people of Arakko judge them by. They’ve been talking the talk – this is where they walk the walk, or stumble and fall. So I’m a little bit reluctant to give that away here – but I will say that this is a fight that’ll have consequences far beyond the red planet.”

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Ewing indicated that the Arakkii mutants aren’t looking for a new war, but they won’t back down from a fight.

“The Arakkii only just achieved a lasting peace – most of them don’t welcome going back to war,” noted Ewing. “But that doesn’t mean they’re afraid, either. Respectful of the power they’re up against, sure – but they’ve survived a lot worse. The Eternals may well find that they’ve bitten off a hell of a lot more than they can chew.”

Marvel also passed along the cover by Russell Dauterman, and the official synopsis for the issue.


Planet Arakko chose peace over war. Now war has chosen them. The monstrous arsenal of the Eternals is on the march. The Arakkii must defend their broken land according to the ancient laws… but against an enemy even older than they are, can the old ways win? Or is a new Arakko about to be born?”

X-Men Red #6 will hit comic book shops in August.

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