Matt Reeves Announces a Riddler Prequel Comic Written By Paul Dano

As you-know-who said at the end of The Batman, Gotham loves a comeback story. But luckily, we won’t have to wait for a sequel to check in on Paul Dano’s Riddler. Director Matt Reeves announced that fans will discover the villain’s origins in a new prequel comic, Riddler: Year One. The six-issue limited series takes place before the events of The Batman and will be written by Dano himself.

Additionally, DC confirmed that Dano is collaborating with artist Stevan Subic, who also provided a new teaser image for the series. The story will examine how Edward Nashton went from being a humble accountant and a “simple Gotham City nobody” to the deranged serial killer we saw in Reeves’ critically-acclaimed film. Presumably, Dano will revisit his character’s childhood in Gotham Orphanage, where he developed an interest in puzzles and began to feel neglected by the city’s elite. The series is also being published under DC’s Black Label imprint, so don’t expect Dano to shy away from the gritty details of Edward’s upbringing.

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Dano has never worked on a comic before. However, he has already proven himself to be a very capable screenwriter. In 2018, Dano made his directorial debut with Wildlife, for which he also co-wrote the screenplay with his wife, Zoe Kazan. Dano also recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes to finish the script for his second directorial effort by the end of the year.

Riddler: Year One #1 will hit comic shops sometime in October. You can view Subic’s teaser artwork  below.

Are you excited to read the new series later this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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