Exclusive: Avengers Forever #6 Introduces a New Variant of T’Challa

Last year, writer Jason Aaron and artist Aaron Kuder relaunched Avengers Forever as an ongoing series starring the Avengers of the Multiverse. And the heroes have their hands full with the Multiversal Masters of Evil. But this May, a familiar face is joining the fight and making his debut in Avengers Forever #6. Aaron and artist Jim Towe are about to introduce the T’Challa of a world where he was never Black Panther. Instead, the former Prince of Wakanda has become the Invincible Vibranium Man!

“This issue kicks off a new arc that explores the Pillars of the Avengers, the core of the core, in all-new incarnations from across the multiverse,” explained Aaron. “This first chapter is all about T’Challa, from an alternate earth where Wakanda has been wiped out by the version of Killmonger who wears the Asgardian Destroyer armor and has been raising hell as part of the new Multiversal Masters of Evil. Cut off from his birthright and desperate to avenge his fallen nation, T’Challa must become something surprising and new: the Vibranium Man, a version of the character that takes the Prince of Wakanda to some wildly unexpected new heights.“

Here’s the cover for the issue by Kuder.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.


On an alternate Earth where Wakanda has been crushed from existence and where the Black Panther is a forgotten legend, one man known as T’Challa will forge a new legacy for himself and perhaps even hope for a planet caught in the grips of the god-slaughtering King Killmonger.”

Avengers Forever #6 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, May 25.

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