The Marvel Universe Faces Judgment Day In New Crossover This Summer

Ten years ago, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes took on the Children of the Atom in the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover. This summer, the X-Men will once again be going to war. But this time, it’s the Eternals who will be challenging the nation of Krakoa in Marvel’s new crossover event, Judgment Day.

Eternals and Immortal X-Men writer Kieron Gillen will write the Judgment Day miniseries, with art by Valerio Schiti and Marte Gracia. One of the reasons the Eternals are targeting the X-Men is that they’ve come to believe that mutants are just another variant of Deviants. However, they may not be wrong, if the Celestials created mutantkind as well. Additionally, the Avengers will be trying to keep both sides from escalating their fight into an apocalyptic battle.

Dustin Weaver illustrated the first promo image for the event, which you can see below.

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“There’s a classic metaphor to describe the Marvel Universe – a toybox, which creators take toys out of, play with and put back,” said Gillen in a statement. “I get it, but it’s never quite how I’ve seen it – I think ‘play’ in another way. I think of a music shop, with all these instruments with their different qualities suggesting different songs, different stories. For all the Marvel instruments I’ve played, I’ve never written an event. Writing an event is something different. It’s not like playing an instrument. It’s having all the instruments in the Marvel music shop. That’s not like writing a song. That’s like writing a symphony.

“The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson described the music he was reaching for as Teenage Symphonies to God,” added Gillen. “I think that’s what the best Marvel Events aspire to be, and it’s what we’re aspiring to here. I want the scale, I want the heartbreak, I want a book that wears its heart on its sleeve even as it puts a fist in your face [and] I want something Wagnerian in its volume as emotional as God Only Knows.”

Judgment Day #1 will hit comic book stores in July.

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