Marvel Will Launch Two Ongoing Captain America Comic Book Series

In 2014, Marvel promoted the Falcon/Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, and he held on to the role for three years before Steve Rogers reclaimed it at the end of Secret Empire. Afterwards, Sam went back to being the Falcon. But in light of the MCU’s Sam becoming the new live-action Captain America, his comic book counterpart is picking up the mantle again. Later this year, Marvel will launch two ongoing Captain America comics, one for Sam and one for Steve.

The two series will get a prelude issue, Captain America #0 by the writing team of Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, and Tochi Onyebuchi, with art by Mattia de Iulis. Alex Ross painted two covers for the issue, which you can see above. Mark Brooks’ wraparound cover can be seen below.

“Issue #0 is effectively a conversation between Steve and Sam about what it means for both of them to be Captain America simultaneously,” said Lanzing in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “But that conversation isn’t had in a room sitting down over beers, that conversation is had while flying/holding onto the side of a massive rocket heading into the sky to obliterate all of mankind because Arnim Zola is back and he’s got a bad plan.”

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“We’ve seen Sam Wilson deal with the legacy of Captain America and race in very inward terms with regards to America: What does it mean for America to accept a Black Captain America?” added Onyebuchi. “One of the things I’m teasing in my book is, what does it mean for the rest of the world to accept a Black Captain America? That’s another part of the equation. If Captain America is in many ways a mimesis of America, with all the good and bad pathologies, what does that mean for the way in which America interacts with the rest of the world?”

Following Captain America #0 in April, Captain America: Symbol of Truth, will debut in May. Onyebuchi and artist R.B. Silva will chronicle Sam’s adventures in that book. Silva also provided the cover for issue 1, which you can see below.

In June, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty will follow Steve Rogers’ continuing journey as Cap. Kelly & Lanzing will co-write the series, with Carmen Carnero as the interior and the cover artist. The first cover for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1 was also included in the announcement.

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