Exclusive Preview – Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #2

Kate Bishop is moving back to New York City. However, she has one last case to take care of before returning to her hometown. In her new comic book series, Kate’s cross-country drive was interrupted by message from her estranged sister, Susan. Thanks to Susan, Kate realizes that there is something strange going on at the Resort Chapiteau. The guests have been victimized, robbed, and even kidnapped. Additionally, the Circus of Crime appears to be behind this scheme. But the Ringmaster’s hypnotic talents is keeping his victims from reporting their crimes. Kate Bishop #2.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #2, writer Marieke Nijkamp and artists Enid Balam & Oren Junior catch up with Kate as she continues her investigation. The Circus of Crime is ransoming a guest’s young daughter. However, they haven’t accounted for the Avenger in their midst.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“Before Kate can fully wrap her head around the fact that her estranged sister Susan has reappeared (what?) and was the one who invited her to Resort Chapiteau in the first place (what?!) and that this case is definitely not going to allow much in the way of pool time (ughhh), she gets pulled into something she does know how to handle: a little girl staying at the resort has gone missing.

But in spite of the fact that she’s basically an Avenger, the resort staff don’t want her investigating. So now Kate has three mysteries on her hands: Where is the girl, what is the resort hiding – and what does this have to do with her family in the first place?

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #2 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, December 22.

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