Marvel Announces New Han Solo & Chewbacca Comic Book Series

Marvel Announces New Han Solo & Chewbacca Comic Book

Get ready, Star Wars fans, because next year will bring new adventures starring everyone’s favorite scoundrel-and-wookiee combo. Starting in March 2022, Marvel will launch Han Solo & Chewbacca, a new monthly comic that fills in some of the gaps in the pair’s history. shared several early details about the series, which comes from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist David Messina. Set a few years before the events of A New Hope, the story finds Han and Chewie still on Jabba the Hutt’s payroll. It also sees them on better terms with Greedo, who joins the title characters on their latest assignment. The task is simple enough: steal something and bring it back to Jabba’s palace. But as Guggenheim teases, “everything that can go wrong promptly does.”

“It’s interesting because the cornerstone of Han’s character is that he wants to be a jerk, a [selfish] criminal,” said Guggenheim. “But [he] has this idealistic streak that always gets in his way. He aspires to cynicism, but deep down, he’s a hopeless romantic at heart. Now, you might think that that inner conflict didn’t present itself until the end of Episode IV, when Han returns to help Luke destroy the Death Star, but it’s already on full display at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which, of course, predates Episode IV.”

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“So one of the things I’ve been playing with is the tension between the ‘hopeless romantic’ Han reveals himself to be at the end of Solo and the hard-bitten cynic we meet in Episode IV,” continued Guggenheim. “To be very reductive about it, I’ve searched for opportunities to force Han to choose between his lesser and greater angels.”

You can view several variant covers for Han Solo & Chewbacca #1 in the gallery below.

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