T’Challa Encounters the X-Men in Marvel’s Black Panther #200

John Ridley and Juan Cabal’s Black Panther run doesn’t start for another three weeks, but Marvel is already teasing plans for the series’ landmark 200th issue. In honor of the hero’s enduring legacy, Marvel will release an oversized installment featuring a surprising reunion, shocking revelations, and even a few bonus stories from an assortment of guest writers and artists.

Black Panther #200 also marks Ridley and Cabal’s third issue as the series’ new creative team. And to help ring in T’Challa’s latest milestone, they’re bringing in the X-Men as pivotal co-stars in his upcoming adventure. Faced with mounting pressures at home, including assassins targeting his agents and an increasing lack of confidence in his leadership, T’Challa heads to a terraformed Mars, where he reunites with his ex-wife, Storm. However, don’t expect them to rekindle their romance, because T’Challa has “ulterior motives” for his trip.

Meanwhile, back in Wakanda, T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, discovers who has been carrying out attacks on the king’s agents. And whoever it is, Marvel promises their identity will “change everything.”

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There’s no word on which creators are joining Ridley and Cabal for the issue’s bonus stories. But according to the announcement, these tales will celebrate the history of Black Panther and offer hints about what’s to come in the future. Additionally, readers can also look forward to the introduction of another hero who becomes a new protector of Wakanda during this dark period in T’Challa’s life.

Black Panther #200 hits comic shops on January 26. You can view Alex Ross’ main cover for the issue along with two variants in the gallery below.

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