Marauders Annual #1 Debuts New Creators and a New Team

Marvel will ring in 2022 with an all-new voyage for the swashbuckling mutants who make up the Marauders. The seafaring team’s very first annual will kick off the new year, which will also set the stage for a new creative team to take the reins of their ongoing series.

Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli launched Marauders in 2019, and the series quickly became one of the standout titles of the post-House of X/Powers of X era. Duggan’s stories (told with a revolving cast of artists that also included Michele Bandini, Lucas Werneck, and Stefano Caselli) notably offered a more fun alternative to the self-serious nature of Marvel’s other X-books. But after two years, Duggan is handing script duties over to Steve Orlando, with Creees Lee as the new artist.

The Marauders’ next adventure kicks off with Kate Pryde in need of not just a new boat, but a new crew to sail it. Joining her this time are Bishop, Psylocke, Daken, Aurora, Tempo, and this year’s Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 breakout, Somnus. The team’s first mission involves freeing Daken from the clutches of Brimstone Love, who previously appeared in Marvel’s 2099 timeline. They will also tangle with the Theater of Pain, a “torture troupe” hiding out in the Xavier School’s old backyard.

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“Taking the helm of Marauders is easily the most exciting moment of my career, especially when it’s my first-ever ongoing not just on Krakoa, but at Marvel in general,” said Orlando. “Exploding out of the team’s already-amazing adventures as part of Hellfire Trading, Captain Pryde’s new crew of Marauders will stop at nothing to bring endangered mutants to safety — to always go where they’re needed, not where they’re wanted. To mutant rescue, wherever it calls them!”

Marauders Annual #1 hits comic shops on January 12. You can check out Russell Dauterman’s cover for the issue below.

Are you excited to see what Orlando and Creees bring to the series? Let us know in the comments down below!

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