Exclusive Preview: Savage Avengers #25

For two years, Conan the Barbarian has walked among us in the modern Marvel Universe. And within the pages of Savage Avengers, Conan also found unlikely allies like Wolverine, Punisher, Elektra, Venom, and Doctor Strange. Together, they faced the might of Kulan Gath, a sorcerer from Conan’s time who wants to remake the present in his image. However, even the Savage Avengers were unable to halt Kulan Gath’s plans.

Regardless, Conan and his allies summoned the X-Men and the real Avengers for a final showdown with Kulan Gath. Unfortunately, they were also defeated, and now the Age of Kulan Gath has begun! Years, and perhaps even decades, have passed. However, Conan has been the lone hero fighting to keep hope alive. He has also adopted the armor of Doctor Doom as his own. And since Conan was unable to free Doctor Strange, he now has only one option left.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Savage Avengers #25, writer Gerry Duggan and artist Patrick Zircher catch up with Conan immediately after he summons Kang the Conqueror. And while Kang doesn’t appear to be inclined to restore the world, Conan may yet convince him that saving the present may save the future as well.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“Can the unexpected entrance of an old villain help the Savage Avengers overcome the monstrous Kulan Gath? The entire Earth better hope so!

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Savage Avengers #25 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, October 6.

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