Marvel Gives Sabretooth His Own Series in January 2022

Two years ago, Sabretooth was swallowed into the depths of Krakoa as punishment for violating the island nation’s laws against murdering humans. He hasn’t been seen since. But in just a few months, Marvel will catch readers up on the events of his exile. Starting in January, the feral mutant will return in the pages of Sabretooth, a new series from Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk.

Sabretooth was cast into Krakoa’s Pit by the island’s Quiet Council (led by Professor X and Magneto) in House of X #6. Presumably, the new series will explain how he passed the time during his imprisonment and also show us his escape. And because he was jailed by his own kind, we probably shouldn’t expect him to go easy on his mutant brothers and sister. Whatever’s in store, Marvel promises it’s “not what you expect!”

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LaValle is mainly known for his prose fiction. His latest book, 2017’s The Changeling, won the World Fantasy Award and British Fantasy Award for Best Novel and Best Horror Novel, respectively. He also released his first graphic novel, Destroyer, through BOOM! Studios in 2018. LaValle previously confimed his involvement with Marvel’s X-Men books earlier this year. At the time, he could only share that he was tackling one of the team’s classic villains. But now that the cat’s out of the bag, he offered yet another tease via Twitter:

You can view Ryan Stegman’s cover for Sabretooth #1 below.

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