Dynamite’s Red Sonja: Black, White, Red Anthology Series Launches in July

Black-and-white anthology comics are all the rage these days, and now Dynamite Entertainment is trying its own hand at this format with an upcoming miniseries. Starting this summer, a handful of top-tier creators will spin new Hyborean-era tales in Red Sonja: Black, White, Red.

To entice readers, Dynamite has assembled a stacked cast of writers and artists to handle Sonja’s new adventures. As hinted by the title, all of these stories will be presented in stark black and white. Artists will also add the occasional flourish of red to indicate blood, flames, or Sonja’s own crimson mane. The talent list includes Marvels scribe Kurt Busiek, whose first-ever Sonja story appears in Black, White, Red’s inaugural issue. Busiek’s contribution features art by his King in Black: Namor collaborator Benjamin Dewey. Together, they will bring Sonja to the Mountains of Night as she searches for a precious artifact.

“I’ve gotten to roam around in the Hyborean Age before, and even wrote Kulan Gath in Avengers,” said Busiek in a new statement. “But the one part of those classic comics that I never got to write was Red Sonja. So it’s great to have a chance to correct that, and do a full-on Sonja story, where we can showcase what makes her great — her quick wits, her anger and her unique way of dealing with the world’s rough edges. Plus, it’s always a joy to work with Ben Dewey. And we came up with a way to use the limited palette that I think will be very striking.”

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“Seeing the element of full color stripped away lets me and Kurt emphasize what the Red in Red Sonja means,” added Dewey. “It’s her hair, spilled blood, and any other special feature we want to showcase. It’s like listening to a great song when everything in the arrangement drops out suddenly to isolate the bass for a breakdown section, feature a soulful a capella vignette, or launch into a blazing guitar solo.”

Issue #1 also includes a story by Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs, plus another by Mark Russell and Bob Q. Readers can also expect a smattering of variant covers illustrated by some of Dynamite’s most popular go-to artists.

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #1 will hit comic shops in July. You can check out three covers and two pages of interior artwork in the gallery below.

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