Exclusive Preview: Excalibur #20

In X of Swords, the new Captain Britain, Betsy Braddock, was one of the first to fall. She literally went to pieces in Otherworld. It was part of Saturnyne’s plan to revive the Captain Britain Corps and to get rid of Betsy. Regardless, Betsy survived and found herself lost in different alternate worlds. She also had to confront a few ghosts from her past in order to make it home safely. But now, she’s back on Krakoa just as a new threat is about to emerge.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Excalibur #20, Tini Howard and artist Marcus To welcome Betsy back to Krakoa with a Quiet Council meeting. Apparently, there’s a Hellfire Gala on the horizon. However, Betsy and her team will soon have a much bigger problem. There’s a killer loose on Krakoa, and it may require Betsy to team up with Kwannon, the woman whose body Betsy usurped when she was still Psylocke. Somehow, we also suspect that won’t be a happy reunion.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“THE PHANTOM MENACE! An invisible threat is loose on the island of Krakoa – unseen, unheard, undetectable by any…except Excalibur.”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Excalibur #20 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, April 7.

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