How The High Republic: Light of the Jedi Takes Star Wars to New Genres

The beginning of 2021 will also mark the beginning of a new era in the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars: The High Republic publishing campaign will finally take off with its first volume, The High Republic: Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. While talking with THR, the author of the upcoming canon novel revealed what the fans should expect from his work.

“My personal mandate for Light of the Jedi was to explore genre in a way we hadn’t directly seen in the franchise — to bring the concepts of Star Wars to places that would feel fresh and cool. It’s a disaster movie,” he said. “It’s a mystery, it’s a race-against-time-team-on-a-mission story.”

The author went on to tease that the structure of its novel is “unusual,” something he got from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He also said that his story is going to stretch the same way as the timeline of the 1980’s movie.

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In the same interview, Soule also explained why working on the Star Wars prose project was even more significant than some of his previous multi-title crossovers story he wrote for Marvel and DC.

“I’ve never done anything like The High Republic — from the writers room approach to the scope, stakes and opportunity … it’s wild. The closest analog I can think of is working on the big multi-title crossover comic stories I’ve done at Marvel and DC, but this is bigger by at least an order of magnitude. There’s also the sense that even though The High Republic is its own era, it’s part of a shared history with the entirety of Star Wars continuity, and things that happen in a different piece of Star Wars content might have a direct influence on what we can do in our stories.”

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi will be published on January 5, 2021.

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