Black Panther Comics Are Free on Comixology Today

Wakanda for free! While Black Panther remains the highest-grossing solo superhero movie of all time, a mere fraction of those who have seen it have likely read the actual Black Panther comics. With actor Chadwick Boseman‘s untimely, tragic death capturing the world’s attention, unscrupulous scalpers could easily have upped the price on all his character’s titles. Thankfully, the opposite happened. Just as T’Challa opened the doors of the cinematic Wakanda to the world to share his bounty, Comixology is so doing with Black Panther comic books. Today, at least, most Black Panther books and spin-offs (including Shuri’s solo titles) come free of charge on the service.

We were tipped off via a Tweet from Matt Drane:

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Whether the more recent series by Ta-Nehisi Coates catches the reader’s eye, or some old-school Jack Kirby stuff, that’s a whole lot of BP for your (non-existent) buck. Bone up on all the Wakandan lore, so that if and when there is a sequel or spin-off movie, any opinions can come off truly informed.

In other Black Panther news, NBC tonight will rerun the Chadwick Boseman episode of Saturday Night Live. That show featured several Black Panther sketches and jokes. After last week, they might induce more tears than laughter. But either way, viewers can once again marvel at a great talent gone too soon.

What’s your favorite Black Panther comic? Let us know in comments.