DC FanDome: Andy Muschietti Reveals New Flash Movie Suit Design

The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti probably expected the return of Batfleck to be a big DC FanDome reveal. Alas for him, the trades caught wind and scooped it sooner. But DC wasn’t done with the Speedster surprises. A first look at Flash’s new movie suit was revealed in concept art, as designed by Bruce Wayne.

Muschietti said the most important thing with the movie is to get to the heart, and that a time travel story is very exciting for him. They showed clips from the It movies with DC references. Mention that Barry Allen is the one hero who can time travel and actually change his past tragedies.


Ezra Miller kept weighing in with trivia bits, like that the first Multiverse reference was in Flash comics. Miller and the filmmakers discussed who they’d like to meet in the Multiverse, including Nic Cage as Superman…or himself

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