Marvel’s U.S.Agent is Getting a New Solo Series This Fall

This month, actor Wyatt Russell was supposed to join the MCU as John Walker, a.k.a. U.S.Agent, on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Unfortunately, the series fell victim to the COVID-19 outbreak, causing a production shutdown that forced Disney+ to delay its premiere. But Marvel has another way for casual fans to meet Russell’s character. The publisher has just shared plans to launch its new U.S.Agent ongoing comic book series later this year.

U.S.Agent comes from writer Christopher Priest and artist Stefano Landini. Kicking off with the five-part “American Zealot” storyarc, the series picks up with Walker losing his U.S.Agent status. He quickly finds work as an independent government contractor. But it isn’t long before his new job brings him to a small town and throws him in the middle of its citizens’ fight against a large corporation. According to the series’ logline, Walker will be getting some help from a new partner along the way. However, he’ll also have to endure “being haunted by ghosts from his past and confronting challenges to his future…”

“‘American Zealot’ is a morality play told in five acts,” said Priest. “John Walker has been fired. Or he quit. Depends on who’s telling the story. Now finding his way as a civilian government contractor, Walker is making more money and taking more risks as he can now venture into places sanctioned agents can’t always follow. However, with limited official access to intelligence data, the now-former USAgent’s missions can and often do lead him into blind alleys he’ll need to MacGyver himself out of.”

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Landini also chimed in with his own praise for Priest’s storytelling.

“I am incredibly excited to be part of this new project dedicated to USAgent together with this incredible staff,” Landini said. “The story set up by Christopher is truly intense and full of twists, I can’t wait for readers to see the incredible work we are doing with their own eyes.”

U.S.Agent #1 hits comic shops in November. You can check out Marco Checchetto’s cover for the first issue, as well as Landini’s design sheet for Walker’s new uniform, below.

Will you be adding the series to your pull list when it debuts? Let us know in the comment section!

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