DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Producer Confirms Season Finale on Track

Fans will have to wait for a bit to see DC’s Legends of Tomorrow back on their screens, but at least they will get the fifth season grand finale. The COVID-19 health emergency has affected almost all the superhero series which are airing on The CW. But it seems that the Legends won’t suffer too much as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow producer Marc Guggenheim revealed on Twitter that the show has already wrapped up production.

“We were able to complete production on the season and post-production has been moving apace thanks to our incredible team,” he wrote. “In fact, we’re having a “virtual” sound mix of Ep. 514 this afternoon.

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The only question is when the show will air new episodes. The March 24 Legends episode, “Zari, Not Zari” has already been replaced by “A Head of Her Time” from last month. Next week, on March 31, a rerun of “Mortal Khanbat” will air in place of “The Great British Fake-Off.” And the network will re-air Crisis on Infinite Earths in its entirety during the week of April 6. So, fans will have to wait for at least three more weeks to watch the new adventures of White Canary and co.

If the fans of the Legends can rejoice, followers of other shows in the Arrowverse are less fortunate. According to TV Line, several shows were stopped right before they can wrap up production leaving one episode left in the case of Supergirl, two episodes for The Flash, and three for Batwoman. It may be possible that these shows will get a shorter run than expected.

When it returns, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air on Tuesday on The CW as always. Are you happy that you will get the chance to see the fifth season’s finale? Let us know in the comments section below.