The Dark Knight Star Aaron Eckhart Appreciates Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Thanks to his majestic performance in Todd Phillips’ Joker, Joaquin Phoenix has proven his talent once again. Even The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart confessed that he appreciated Phoenix’s way to portray the Joker. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Eckhart praised both Heath Ledger’s and Phoenix’s performances as the Joker, pointing them out as an example for young actors.

“I think Heath [Ledger] and Joaquin [Phoenix] are showing the way,” Eckhart said. “They’re showing the way in the sense that they’re just being very real and that they go all the way into the bottom of their soul and find where it comes from and they give it to us. That’s what those guys did and I think audiences appreciate that the most.”

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Eckhart’s foray into the comic-related movie world ended with his performance as Two-Face in The Dark Night. Nevertheless, he confessed his happiness for taking part in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster back in 2008.

“It is all so interesting, though — especially seeing my friend Joaquin Phoenix who is killing it with Joker,” he added. “Throughout the span of your career, I guess you find yourselves in these movies. I was happy and very honored to be in The Dark Knight and all of the tentacles and the connections that it has throughout life and everybody’s life in Hollywood now.”

Eventually, Eckhart admitted having bonded with costars Ben McKenzie and Giancarlo Esposito thanks to Batman. McKenzie portrayed James Gordon on Fox’s Gotham for five seasons. Esposito did voice work on Son of Batman and Batman: Assault on Arkham. Most importantly, Eckhart also said that the topic “came up” while working with Tommy Lee Jones, who played the villainous Two-Face as well in 1995’s Batman Forever.

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