Arrow’s David Ramsey Teases Green Lantern Will Be Addressed Soon

Green Lantern‘s fans should still hold their horses, but they might actually get the chance to see their favorite superhero making an appearance in the last season of Arrow. There has been a lot of speculation about John Diggle getting a ring of power, and now Arrow star David Ramsey is adding fuel to the fire. In a long interview with Collider, Ramsey explained that Arrow’s last season will cast some light on the former A.R.G.U.S. agent’s future.

“There’s a lot of stuff in the Diggle family that has to be worked out, in these 10 episodes, and will be,” the star revealed. “And ultimately, I think we have to find out what’s going on with Green Lantern. We’ve been teasing that since Season 2 or 3. It’s been a crazy amount of time, so we have to put a button on that, and from what I’m hearing, we will.”

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Then Diggle revealed that there were some logistical problems behind the fact that he hasn’t assumed the role of Green Lantern in Arrow thus far.

“It doesn’t happen arbitrarily,” Ramsey added. “There’s been a tremendous amount of logistics and moving parts that have come together, to make this one show happen. How Greg has duplicated that, over and over and over and over, and 18 times over again, has just been incredible. But he and Marc and Beth [Schwartz] have been very forthright about what they want to do with that whole possible mythos, with Green Lantern. So, if it had not been for them, yes, I’d probably be pulling my hair out, what little I have, and saying, “What’s going on, guys?,” but they’ve been very honest about it.”

The perfect moment for John Diggle to get his Green Lantern power ring might come very soon though. The CW’s epic crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths is just a little more than a month away.

Arrow Season 8 airs every Tuesday on The CW. Would you like to see a Green Lantern live-action series? Let us know in the comment section below!