Scarlett Johansson Says Audiences Want an All-Female Marvel Movie

The time might be right for an all-female Marvel movie. Or at least, that’s what Avengers star Scarlet Johansson thinks, and is now pushing to make it happen. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Johansson confirmed that some of the actresses involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pitched the idea to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

“We were at the 10-year anniversary, and it was so powerful for all of us female superheroes to be together because we don’t always get to cross over,” Johansson said. “And there we were, among these incredible actors that we admired for so long. It just felt like the right move to do to approach Kevin with this and he was something he was very excited about it. I think it’s something audiences want. It’s more opaque for me obviously because of my character’s fate, but I’m totally 100 percent all for it. I think it would be fantastic.”

You can check the full interview out in the player below.

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Johansson pointed out that the moment in which all the female superheroes in the MCU got together to fight side by side could become something bigger.

“That scene in Endgame, that moment with all of us. It was such a huge moment for the audience,” Johansson added.

An all-female Marvel movie would be a bold move by Marvel Studios at the moment but given the recent success of Captain Marvel, who knows? We may see it sooner than we expect. (DC gets there first with next year’s Birds of Prey.) Meanwhile, we will have to wait for next year to discover Black Widow‘s past — or future — in the MCU.

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