DC Shares a Video From Batman Day 2019

Eighty years ago, Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane introduced Batman to the world in the pages of Detective Comics #27. Few could have predicted Batman’s massive impact on pop culture and comic books. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is easily one of the most iconic superheroes ever created. As an ongoing celebration of the Dark Knight, DC annually sponsors Batman Day celebrations around the world. This year’s event was truly global, and DC couldn’t resist sharing a few memories.

Within the video below, DC showed off footage from the international Bat-Signal lighting events held during Batman Day. Fans came dressed as their favorite Batmen, as well as the Dark Knight’s legendary rogue’s gallery. That’s one of the reasons for Batman’s ongoing appeal. His lineup of villains is second to none, and they even have their own fan base.

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DC co-publishers Dan DiDio (pictured above top right) and Jim Lee also got in on the fun. While in New York, DiDio announced the new creative team for Batman’s ongoing series. Meanwhile, Lee sketched a few Batman headshots for fans.

Additionally, the video also showcases the inaugural Batman 5K run in Los Angeles. Fans in and out costume got to put on the Bat-symbol as they ran across LA.

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